What Our Clients Have to Say About Our Learning Program

It's A Child's World is great for my pre-schooler! They have excellent indoor and outdoor teaching spaces. The teachers are caring and dedicated professionals. They provide excellent feedback to parents who are just starting out. I would highly recommend for anybody looking for a great preschool.


My son goes to this center. It is by far the most warm and inviting center I've ever seen, and I was a full time child care teacher for 10 years! I feel very confident that my son is getting wonderful care and learning experiences while he is there. I'd recommend this center to every parent looking for an amazing place for their child/children.


My daughter is enrolled at this center, her and I both love it! I love knowing my child is in good hands, is learning so much and is having fun while doing it. I wish I was a child again. I highly recommend It's A Child World for anyone looking for child care.


All the teachers at It's a Child's World are so loving, patient and kind. Whether it's working through big emotions, teaching life skills, or giving that extra snuggle, they show each of my children the love and attention they need throughout the day. Additionally, as a family that enjoys spending time outside, we appreciate the amount of outside play our kids get, regardless of weather.


The moment I walked into the daycare I fell in love. The atmosphere is amazing and there are so many learning opportunities. Needless to say I enrolled my daughter the same day. She never wants to leave as soon as we arrive in the morning, she jumps right out and runs right in to have fun!! I would recommend this daycare to everyone!


Child's world has been the ideal place for us to send our children. We have 4 children, all of them with very different needs and abilities. Child's World works with each of our kids and meets them where they are fostering a wonderful environment for each of them to learn and grow. When we drop them off for the day, we know we are leaving them with teachers and staff who will keep them safe and provide for them. With the last two years being upside down it was incredibly comforting knowing when we dropped off our children they would be well cared for.


Thank you so much for all you do. The boys are growing leaps and bounds. We can see it everyday.


To hear my three year old tell me what an ornithologist was; was amazing last night.


Thank you.


We are so lucky to have found It's A Child's World Daycare. The staff and the owner are absolutely fantastic!
Their curriculum is above and beyond. Our children have come so far in such a short period of time. Thank you so much for everything you've done for our triplets! It's a great feeling knowing that when I go to work, my kids are being well taken care of.
Thank you again.


It's A Child's World is by far the best preschool and childcare around! The quality of care and love that each child receives can't be beat. Our daughter started attending at 4, we have decided to send our son there as well. She has learned so much since starting and I'm so grateful. The ratios are also great and the individual based learning couldn't be done any better. They are also very active there too, we have found a gem!


We know that this time (COVID), in particular, is challenging and probably worrisome. Everyone at the center has been wonderful and the kids loved it immediately. Our family sees, every day, all the work the staff do to keep our kids safe while providing them with a great environment and that we appreciate it greatly.